Solutions for Asset Managers

3 minutes Alpharevo service introduction video Alpharevo developed marketing automation tools to facilitate fundraising activities in Japan. Solicitation of financial products is a strictly regulated activity but our platform implemented required compliance functions and received approval from Japan FSA. You can market your investment products legally and safely on our marketing system. All of these tools are linked together and can be used to search for investment strategies, find contact persons, set appointments, and conduct video conferences all in one place.

Digital plus in-person hybrid Placement Agent Service

Alpharevo provides a hybrid service combining efficient marketing using our proprietary digital platform and traditional in-person placement agent service which helps smooth communication with local investors. We have strong relationships with many of the major institutional investors in Japan. We believe the optimal combination of digital and human makes the best result on your business goals.

Community for asset owners and asset managers

On Alpharevo platform, you can join a community of institutional investors and asset managers to exchange information, or you can start your own community there. You can also invite people you know, like your clients or counterparties, to join Alpharevo and you will be added as an inviter of new participants, which will be the strongest relationship as it relates to the delivery of information on this platform. Alpharevo is a powerful tool for building and strengthening relationships with asset managers and asset owners in Japan.

The controlled network you can legally share your investment products

Marketing of financial products are strictly regulated activity in Japan and you can not post promotion message of your fund in social network like Linkedin or Facebook. Alpharevo developed a controlled network system specialized in business development of investment managers in which your postings, including information of your investment strategies, reach only counterparties who have interests in those asset class/strategy, AND legally eligible to receive that information. Our marketing system automatically judges the investor’s accounts appropriate to receive your posting then you can deliver your messages to investors even you don’t know yet. Our platform has been approved by Japan FSA for use in business development of investment managers regardless of holding of Japanese asset management license. (PAT.P)

Database to search investment strategies

Our database system helps Japanese institutions easily search investment strategies that fit their needs, target returns, and risk tolerance. Only approved, qualified institutions can access the database, allowing investment managers to deliver their product information to their counterparties in a legal and efficient manner.

Video conference tool with real-time interpretation

When meeting with overseas counterparts, language barriers often compromise the efficiency of communication. The video conferencing tool built-in the Alpharevo system provides real-time interpretation to help your Japanese counterparts better understand your company and investment strategy, and build trust.