We work as your Tokyo representative office at very low cost

・ Consulting on business development plan ・ Review / Edit your product materials to comply with Japanese regulations ・ Translation of materials ・ Hosting webinars to promote your products ・ Meeting with to prospective clients, distributers and service providers ・ Regular reporting services to clients ・ Responding to inquiries from clients

Low and fixed fee structure

Business development in Japan could be a long-term and need patience. We designed our fee structure that allows investment managers and Fintech companies to continue the long-term sales/marketing activities. You don’t need to give up large portion of revenue from Japan for distributor.

No exclusivity required

Alpharevo doesn’t require any exclusivity on your product distribution in Japan. You are free to conduct your own sales activities or even hire other distributer at the same time. We do this because we are confident in the quality of our services.

No conflict of interest

Our revenue are not linked to fee rates or contracted volume of products. There is no conflict of interest like placement-agents tent to focus on products with higher fee or easy-to-sell. We want our clients to truly see us as part of their team.

Suitable for any products

Because of these fee and incentive structures, our service is suitable not only for alternative assets with higher fee rates, but also for traditional assets with relatively low fee or new products that take a long time to close. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business development in Japan.