Asset Management Market in Japan

3 minutes Alpharevo service introduction video Japanese individuals have financial assets worth 1,900 trillion yen and those assets are managed by the world’s largest institutional investors like Japan Post Bank, GPIF and Norinchukin Bank, etc… Due to continued low domestic growth rates and low-interest rates, Japanese investment money is always looking for overseas investment opportunities in search of higher returns, which means those large Japanese institutional investors are always looking for excellent foreign managers to let them manage their foreign assets portfolio.

Japan is now welcoming foreign asset managers!

Japan might not be used to be an easy market to access for foreign asset managers mainly because of the language barrier, tax rate disadvantages and strict/complicated regulations, etc… But now, the Japanese government is trying to promote Tokyo as a global financial hub and making lots of changes to remove those obstacles on market entry. 1) De-regulation of asset management license system. 2) Tax reform for foreign asset managers. 3) 100% English straightforward license application process. See more details about financial center initiative and regulation changes at the FSA website. Now we understand there is huge business potential. Japan is welcoming new foreign managers market entry process is much simpler than before. Then how you can actually raise capital from Japan?